The Inner Journey of Ona Carbonell

Intropia pays homage to Ona Carbonell, the most lauded Olympic medalist in spanish synchronized swimming history.

Ona is not of this world.
She lives on a weightless planet. She does not walk, she levitates, floats.
She can fly.
She was born siren and grew up between two worlds.
She dreamed of being water. And conquered the element.
She lives dreaming of this liquid world, where she is invulnerable.

But what is inside Ona?
Water, Air, Earth, Fire.

Let’s travel to her world.

To her inner world.

Shot on Arri Amira & Zeiss CP 2 T2.1
Go Pro Hero 5

Art Director: Alfonso Muro
Make up and Hair: Marina Alejandro
Assistant to Director: Cumi Torán
Camera Assistant: Jesús Zarza
Direct Sound: Manu Rojas
Written, directed, filmed and edited by Borja Zausen


21 abril, 2017


Commercial, Fashion Film