Ground Control

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Ground Control is a feature film that promotes financing, production and distribution into a hybrid co-production based on local companies, producers, international distributors through internet and other platforms and crowfunding.

This is a transmedia storytelling experience which aims to neutralize the carbon footprint that will produce our actions in a new and unique concept. We called  it «Zero Emission Cinema» and is  part of a new movement that reinterprets the way films have been made so far.

The story takes place between the real and imaginary. In the real world, represented by the small village of Santa Eugenia, at the Pla de Mallorca, life goes on in a calm and unhurried. In the imaginary world, recent advances, many pure science fiction, others not so, come together in the laboratory engineer grandfather, who is developing an entire scientific discovery could be the catalyst for a more just and balanced and on a technical level, we will develop our creative potential in the filming and post production phase.
The story centers on 2006, while the first news of the depletion of oil reserves and among the first riots triggered global crisis due to fossil fuels. Lack bit to peak oil and people do not just believe it.


21 octubre, 2012


Fiction, Short Film