Museo Thyssen: La Comunidad de Madrid a través del Arte: Fashion

We explore the connections between Region of Madrid and the Thyssen-Boornemisza collection through different topics: fashion, food, nature. Numerous works of art reveal the expressive significance of clothing, its colours and fabrics and the constant evolution of fashion in dress and the concept of “style”. Madrid can therefore be described as a place bubbling with this evolution: a region in which cultural diversity comes together in unique designs and where the bridges connecting tradition and modernity are clearly visible. Discover more:…


Steady Cam: Nico Paniagua

Operador de Cámara 2: Jaime Erice Torán

Sonido Directo: Manu Rojas

Dirección, fotografía y montaje: Borja Zausen


Zero Emission Cinema: este proyecto ha reducido y compensado sus emisiones de CO2 por medio de nuestra «Transition Agency», GrandMother


16 febrero, 2021


Documentary Film